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  • 我们是泽维尔人

    位于湾岭, 布鲁克林, 泽维良是个二等兵, 男女合校, 天主教, college preparatory school for grades 6-12. 成立于1957年, it is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers. One of New York City’s leading schools for over 60 years, we educate over 1,600 students each year. Xaverian has graduated a network of over 18,000 successful and responsible 天主教 alumni, educated in the longstanding tradition of the Xaverian Brothers. 忠于传统, we give our students the opportunity to grow in their faith, 智力, 领导能力, 音乐的激情, 运动的天赋, 还有更多.



  • Xaverian提供


  • Cutting Edge One-to-One Learning Environment

    A cutting edge, one-to-one learning environment with iPads for every student.  Each classroom is equipped with a 75-inch LCD TV and accompanying Apple TV.
  • Highly Acclaimed 阀杆 Program

    A highly acclaimed Michael T. Strianese '74 阀杆 (科学, 技术, 工程, and 数学) program through a partnership with Project Lead the Way (PLTW), the nation’s leading provider of 阀杆 programs
  • 阀杆 100外围博彩平台

    100% of freshmen take 阀杆 courses, with students being given the choice during their freshmen year to be considered for the PLTW 工程, 生物医学科学, or computer science track for their remaining three years. 产品包括, but are not limited to: Aerospace 工程, 工程与设计, Principles of Biomedical 科学, Medical Interventions and Human Body Systems.
  • A Unique Internship Program

    A unique internship program with over 65 partner organizations in the fields of architecture, 工程, 新闻, 法律, 业务, 医学, 牙科, 艺术, 文化, 政治, 军事, 以及执法部门
  • College Credit Opportunities

    A catalog of college credit opportunities through numerous Advanced Placement, St. John’s University, and Syracuse University courses.
  • 一位著名的, All-Inclusive, Performance-Based MAX Program

    一位著名的, 全包, performance-based  MAX (Xaverian的音乐) Program with 28 performing groups, 包括泽维尔的烟斗 & Drum Corp, that provides ample opportunity for musical exploration.
  • A Comprehensive 大学咨询 Program

    A comprehensive college counseling program resulting in placements at prestigious schools such as Princeton University, 哈佛大学, 康奈尔大学, 宾夕法尼亚大学, 布朗大学, 哥伦比亚大学, 纽约大学, 圣母大学, 乔治敦大学, 在市立大学获得麦考利荣誉, 美国海军学院, and US Military Academy at West Point, with the class of 2021 earning over $92 million in scholarships.
  • An Athletic Program which Encompasses 43 Teams for Boys and Girls

    An athletic program that encompasses 43 teams for boys and girls that develops successful student-athletes; in partnership with Aviator Sports Complex, Xaverian is proud to announce its official home athletic facility, 泽维良在飞行员号.
  • An Extensive Extracurricular Program

    An extensive extracurricular program that boasts numerous clubs that encourage our students to discover their passions and 领导能力.
  • 私家巴士服务

    Private bus service for students traveling from Manhattan, 皇后区, 史泰登岛, 以及布鲁克林的部分地区


一个天主教徒, college preparatory school for students in grades 6-12, Xaverian is a thriving learning community that challenges its young women and men to fortify their faith in God, feed their 智力ual curiosities, forfeit selfishness for Christian service, 促进自我成长, and forge lasting relationships, ultimately shaping confident and courageous leaders.


  • Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools

    The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools is a network of Roman 天主教 secondary schools who share a common mission and a similar governance structure. Most of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools trace their origin directly to the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Francis Xavier (Xaverian Brothers) and its mission of evangelization through the ministry of education. Other XBSS schools have come to embrace the Xaverian governance model and mission after a history of association with other religious congregations or dioceses. 每个外围博彩平台, 然而, has its own particular identity, history and tradition and incarnates its mission in unique ways.

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Serve with Humility; Lead with Compassion; Learn with Zeal; Live with Simplicity; Pray with Trust.

基督是我们的港湾. 我们是泽维尔人.


成立于1957年, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.