For Parents and Students

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  • Attendance Protocols

    One of Xaverian's priority goals is to ensure that all necessary resources are committed to the ongoing assessment and enhancement of our security and safety protocols. As such, attendance protocols for both students and parents must be followed carefully. 

    This page will outline the responsibilities of students when they arrive at school each day and of parents when students are absent, arriving late, or leaving early.

ID Cards and Reporting Attendance

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  • Reporting an Absence or Lateness

    All late arrivals and absences are reported via the SchoolPass app or website. Using the SchoolPass app on your mobile device, parents/guardians can report students' absences or late arrivals with the click of a button. 
  • Leaving Early

    Parents/guardians must enter early dismissals via the SchoolPass app. Please note that if they are permitting their child to sign his/herself out, they will only be dismissed between class periods. Students being picked up by parents can leave at any time. 
  • SchoolPass Login

    Your user ID for SchoolPass is the same email you use to log into the Harbor. Please select forget password the first time you try to log in, as the temporary password provided to you in previous emails has now expired. 

Requesting Remote Access

Any student who may need to request permission to attend classes virtually due to quarantine protocol or extenuating circumstances must email Students and parents should be aware that there can be up to a 24-hour wait period before permission is officially granted. Proper documentation must be provided. The final decision to approve attending classes online lies with the administration. Upon confirmation that the student will be attending classes remotely, the student will have a # placed in front of their name on The Harbor which will alert teachers to admit students into their classes via Zoom. All class Zoom links are posted on The Harbor.

For Questions About ID Cards and SchoolPass, Contact...

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